Mediation is an effective and structured method of dispute resolution which utilises the assistance of a trained, independent mediator. This process of negotiation endeavours to keep matters outside of the Family Court as an alternative means of reaching a decision.  

Mediation is an excellent option to resolve disputes between parties. We represent clients at mediations with a view to helping them reach an agreement.

Family law mediation can be attended to resolve all aspects of family law arising from the breakdown of a marriage or relationship, including care arrangements for children and financial matters.

Our lawyers are skilled at representing clients at lawyer-inclusive mediations.  A primary benefit of mediation is that it is confidential, and parties can hold discussions without fear of it being used against them at a later stage if they do not resolve the issues.

We are determined to provide the best possible outcomes for your circumstance. If you are looking to speak to a family lawyer in Perth who can navigate an effective mediation process, please contact us today.

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For mediation and a range of helpful courses for mums, dads and children. They also offer services for supervision and supervised handovers.

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 Services for supervision and supervised handovers, plus mediation and a range of helpful courses for mums, dads and children. 


Offers counselling, mediation and a range of family support services.

Family Court of Western Australia

A range of helpful brochures and self-help kits and information about the Court in general.

Legal Aid WA

Offers helpful brochures, family law related information and other resources.

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